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Instruction to Authors | 基礎医学教育研究会(KIKKEN)Lab

We welcome submission of small net movies.

1. Being the original animation that shows “basic” mechanism of medicine / biology as easy to understand with hand-painted line drawing etc. as simple as possible.
2. The animation is based on the endless format of the animated GIF whose screen size is horizontal 230 × vertical 162 pixels in principle, and embed credit of the author in the lower right of the screen etc.
3. Movie file size must be less than 500 KB.
4. Attach a simple title of about 10 to 30 letters appropriately representing the contents to the animation and attach the English title of the same content.
5. Attach related explanatory text to the video.
6. The text should be structured such that the first 200 characters to 300 letters are introduced and the rest are collapsed.
7. In principle, the notation of sentences and terms conforms to “Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Text formatting”. If you post in Japanese, for details, see Japanese Text Guidelines for KIKKEN .
8. Attach information such as appropriate reference documents and reference URLs to commentary texts.
9. If you wish to post, post a comment to that effect with a reply email address in advance. We will notify you posting address by returning.
10. The copyright of the submitted videos belongs to the original author, but as for the use as a class material at the individual level, please understand that restrictions are loosened to the extent that it does not infringe the copyright.
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Workshop on Basic Human Biology Education for the paramedical school beginners course, Japan

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