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[002] KiKKEN-lab website open!

[002] KiKKEN-lab website open! | 基礎医学教育研究会(KIKKEN)Lab

Videos of the Internet are very useful as a part of PowerPoint used in class.
Unlike photographs and still picture illustrations that can be used in textbooks and prints, showing on a moving picture can be said to be the real thrill of the unique slide using a personal computer.

Of course, although each source is specified clearly, it is used as “quotation” to the end, but there are some works that prohibit or refuse downloading, and in that case it is a wonderful image in such cases, but for use in classes I will give up.
Also, many original images are unknown images, the use of images is fine, there are many restrictions.

Besides, even if you are looking around the internet if you want such a scene, this! There are also a few cases where you can not find images such as.
Even if a work closer to it is found, it may be that it is a bit difficult to use, because the time is a bit too long, the description is too fine to understand the point you want to tell. Although it sometimes says that the work on the net is a lot of power work. . . .
As I said, I decided to make my own small animation movie that I took out of my power for my lesson.

It is as simple as possible to focus on small points in the phenomenon, in short a gadget (small story).
It is something like a manga. So, I put the word gadget BIOLOGY in the subtitle.
Although it is small neta, even a picture like graffiti, if I actually move it, it does not make the move as expected. Even with simple changes, there are also difficult things, as the link movements change dramatically due to the interpretation of the phenomenon.
So, even after publishing it, it may be necessary to make a considerable correction afterwards.
Here I borrowed the form of a blog, but since I am going to revise the contents as necessary, the date simply shows the first stated date and there is no meaning in the content of the diary.

Basically, movies are made with animation-GIF. You can click on the screen to copy it to Poworpoint.
KIKKEN is an abbreviation for KISO IGAKU KYOIKU KENKyoukai.

Gadget Science ← This is an American children’s science teaching material page (English)

Welcom to the KISO-IGAKU KYOIKU KENKYUKAI (KIKKEN) Laboratory site !
We present on this site some of our simple animations which illustrate, if successful, the gist of a variety of basic biomedical systems, mainly, for the paramedical students and teachers in our school.

Every basic system of life is ever on the move, until the end.
Our endless animations are intended to introduce at least the underlying principle.
If you have interests, please contact us on the web.
Thank you.

[018] Welcom to the KIKKEN-lab. New Year special issue 2013

Enjoy the flattering manga!



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Welcome to the site of the Workshop on Basic Human Biology Education, KIKKEN Lab.

Our animations and commentary are boldly summarized to convey points.
The content includes the original interpretation and expression of the KIKKEN.

We are trying to be careful not to make mistakes, but not say that there is nothing (^_^;). (there are quite a few). We appreciate that you can point out mistakes and uncertainties.
※ Even in the past articles, they have been revised frequently as necessary. This online description is the latest version.

You can copy and paste the animation from the screen as it is on the PowerPoint slide. When using it, please attach "KIKKEN, 2019". The content of this site is copyrighted to the Workshop on Basic Human Biology Education (KIKKEN) and its representative ceoKIKKEN, except for those quoted.
KIKKEN is the abbreviation (acronym) for KISO IGAKU KYOIKU KENKYUKAI (Workshop on Basic Human Biology Education).

The animation on this site is just an illustration for beginners.
If you have an interest in this site, please contact us with a COMMENT.

Workshop on Basic Human Biology Education for the paramedical school beginners' course, Japan

· Although we are making every effort to keep in mind the contents of information, we do not guarantee the accuracy and safety of the contents. Information providers are not responsible for any damage incurred on the basis of such information.

[002] KiKKEN-lab website open!

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Workshop on Basic Human Biology Education for the paramedical school beginners course, Japan

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