[018] Welcome to the KIKKEN lab. New Year special issue 2013

[018] Welcome to the KIKKEN lab. New Year special issue 2013 | 基礎医学教育研究会(KIKKEN)Lab


Those who visited for the first time, even those who have come to see it several times, welcome to the Workshop on Basic Medical Education, Kiso Igaku Kyoiku Kenkyukai (KIKKEN).

This blog site was set up as a place to explore how to make it possible for young students to be interested and to manage how well it is that it is hard to understand, complicated but wonder how difficult it is to understand by words alone.
In this site, as one of the methods, we introduce to express with “simple movement” illustration.

Our life activities continue to move constantly from birth to death. It does not mean that somewhere is moving any part of the time. Nothing stops any part at all. Most of it is an endless repetition of the same short event. In this iteration, there is a human life that the whole gradually changes little by little, grows, lives, and then declines. In the middle of that, inherited generations will be repeated, in some cases, that a new life has been created. On the move, “keeping movement forever” is the mechanism of life itself.

On this site, we try to extract the topic of the mechanism of life phenomena little by little and express it as an iterative animation as simple as possible. Even if it is simple, if you try to make animation, new questions are raised in the part that we explained as we understood until now, it often happens that work does not proceed so often, so we can not update it frequently, but interest If you get into it, please look into it from time to time.

Even if you are not a student or faculty member, please have comments if there is a simple doubt that has been disappointing for many years about the mechanism of life. Medical students are surely caught in the same place (laugh).
Of course, thank you for your comments on scolding.

happy newyear 2013

Well, if you study a little about this year’s zodiac snake,
Speaking of how snakes move, there is a word “meandering (dandy)”, but what do you think?
Actually, there are surprising varieties about how snake moves. . .
(In this animation I painted it in a bad way. M (_ _) m)
If you would like to know various things about snakes and fun things, we recommend the following site.
PetComNet: Feature & Interview: Snakes
← Unfortunately the site is closed (Confirmed on July 1, 2017).

※ This research group is looking for researchers. Even those who are not experts, it is a big welcome if you are an excellent one who can tell you simple questions.

Welcom to the KISO-IGAKU KYOIKU KENKYUKAI (KIKKEN) Laboratory site, and Happy New Year 2013 !
We present some of our simple animations which illustrate the gist of a variety of basic biomedical systems, mainly, for the paramedical students and teachers in our school.
Every basic system of life is ever on the move, until the end.
Our endless animations are intended to introduce the underlying principle.
If you have interests, please contact us on the web.
Thank you.



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Workshop on Basic Human Biology Education for the paramedical school beginners course, Japan

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